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MK Fitness Online Programming

(each phase of the program is emailed directly along with monthly recurring billing)


For years, my people all over the country and continent have been hitting me up with inquiries regarding how they can get access to MK Fitness personal training without living in Nashville, TN.


You have been heard!


If you are someone who has been struggling in direction with a solid fitness regimen, merely cherry picking exercises or “workout of the days” from various internet resources and not seeing results, then this is for you.


Being receptive of what has worked best for my clients throughout the past 8 years of training in the industry, I have curated a program that will help anyone BETTER themselves in terms of their overall health and wellness. 


I am proud and excited to share this program with as many people as possible, as it is an accumulation of my knowledge and experience in the strength and conditioning field. 


Now let’s get after it and start seeing some results!


What you get in my monthly 4-week program:


  • Progressions/regressions for exercises to challenge and serve you best

  • Ability to learn the proper vitals of each movement regards to technique, tempo and execution

  • Easy to follow exercise library to substitute an exercise if your gym/facility doesn’t have a piece of equipment required

  • Bonus a la carte options in the near future will be for members at extremely reasonable pricing such as:

    • Bonus “finishers” for adding intensity to your workouts

    • Bodyweight specific days to help when you’re on the road or too tired for the gym

    • Nutrition guides / grocery lists

    • Recipes / ways to order healthy in restaurants

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